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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) takes care of everything. A VA is an independent entrepreneur who supports entrepreneurs and project teams remotely.

This is possible in many areas, but the most common is administrative support, social media management, HR administration, proofreading of documents, improving processes and, for example, preparing process documents.


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After many years as a solopreneur food blogger, I'd been thinking about hiring a virtual assistant (VA). It had been in the back of my mind for at least a year. When I heard several very successful food bloggers say that the turning point for their business was when they started to build a team and weren't trying to do everything themselves, that convinced me to do a trial run with a VA. I entered a 3-month contract with Meerman Support.

How does an American food blogger connect with a virtual assistant in the Netherlands? Debbie and I lived in Poznań, Poland at the same time. I knew she had written a food blog. I knew her social media had a witty use of words and beautiful photographs. I knew her to be an intelligent woman with a great work ethic. I knew that she would quickly understand my brand and what I was trying to do.

I could not be more pleased with our work together. Debbie has done all that I asked and done it in a way that fits my audience. On top of that, she has brought enthusiasm and creative new ideas to what has become a very collaborative relationship. Her knowledge and skill have provided such a boost to my business that before our initial contract ended, I asked for a new, on-going contract with additional hours.
Debbie is bij ons jarenlang een rots in de branding geweest. Iemand die altijd geïnteresseerd is in een ander, die projecten op sleeptouw neemt en vol is van initiatief. Voelt zich nergens te goed voor en staat met die houding altijd voor je klaar. In haar rol als office manager en security officer is Debbie betrokken geweest bij veel procesdocumentatie op het gebied van ISO certificering en de AVG-wetgeving, voor ons nieuwe projecten die door Debbie met veel energie zijn opgestart. Daarnaast heeft Debbie ons ontzorgd door de financiële administratie voor haar rekening te nemen. Kortom: een spin-in-het-web die ons goed geholpen heeft met allerlei praktische vraagstukken die het MKB kenmerken.

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