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Because you can't do everything.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) takes care of everything. A VA is an independent entrepreneur who supports entrepreneurs and project teams remotely. 

This is possible in many areas, but the most common is administrative support, social media management, HR administration, proofreading of documents, improving processes and, for example, preparing process documents.


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The benefits of a Virtual Assistant


Debbie has been our rock for years. A person who is always interested in someone else, who takes projects in tow and is full of initiative.she does not feel too good for anything and is always there for you with that attitude.
In her role as office manager and security officer, Debbie has been involved in a lot of process documentation in the field of ISO certification and GDPR legislation, for us new projects that Debbie started with a lot of energy. In addition, Debbie relieved us by taking care of the financial administration.
In short: a spider-in-the-web that has helped us well with all kinds of practical issues that characterize SMEs.
Lodewijk Bovy
Co-owner Invitado Visitor Management
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